Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner Mash

Recipe: Dinner Mash
1 can of salmon
1 can of black beans
handful of sweet corn
5 red potatoes
2 carrots
2 eggs
red pepper paste

I wanted to try to make a patty of some sorts but I didn't have bread crumbs. So I baked some potatoes and carrots in my little red pot in the oven for 450 degrees for 40 minutes. I mashed all the ingredients. Then mixed in some eggs as a glue. I tried to pan fry them. I probably didn't add enough oil. It didn't seem to come together. So I just threw it onto some rice and wah lah dinner. I thought it tasted like food. :d

Asked Mr. Budding cook: "How do you like it?"
His reply: "It's ok."
Me: "It's ok that means you don't like it! Wah."
Mr. Budding cook: "I don't like the consistency. It's too dry on rice."
Me: "Wah that means you don't like it."
Mr. Budding cook: "You could add that red sauce."
Me: "Red pepper paste? If I add it you'll have to eat it."
Mr. Budding cook: "Ok."
Me: "I was thinking maybe a tomato paste of some sorts?"
Mr. Budding cook: "The red pepper paste makes everything taste good. And it could be like spicy tuna."

So I added the red pepper paste. It made the dish taste like.... red pepper paste. You could no longer taste the potatoes, corn or anything. :( I packed some up for lunch. I'll see how it will taste tomorrow w/ a reheat. Budding cook mishap #85.


BanginFood said...

That looked like a great idea. I make corned beef patties. If I don't have bread crumbs, I get some regular bread and grind it up in my mini processor. That usually works good. But, I mostly use Panko instead of regular bread crumbs.

Kohana said...

LOL hahaha --- I would put that stuff in everything like Mr. budding cook!

Well hon, that thing look interesting! Hmm... :D

mushroommeadows said...

hm...yeah, this does not make me hungry. hahahahahahaha

gross...barf...barf...hahahahaha j/k kinda. :)

Hedgehog said...

lol this is the kind of food that we make on a Friday night when we have nothing left in the fridge :)

The Cretan said...

nice attempt. can't say mine woulda been any better. i have been known to put tons of satay sauce to hopefully make food more palatable.

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