Monday, June 25, 2007

Goal: Eating all the colors of the rainbow

Scrambled eggs: Green onions, eggs, onions, garlic, red peppers just give them a little whirl

Tuna Salad:
cannellini beans, green onions, cucumbers, red onions and tuna
Fruit bowl: Pinapples, red grapes, kiwi
Made two for just for me and you In the fridge they went ...all the hard work was a good time spent!!!

I did all of this in one night after work for lunch the next day. :D My husband and I unfortunately take turns being sick. I had the flu (I think) two weeks ago and my bubbies (new nick) was sick last week. So instead of trying to lose weight which never works my new goal is to be healthy. We need to exercise more and need to eat better. So to start let's eat all the colors of the rainbow...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Definition: Boba

Question: What is boba?

To answer WokAndSpoon : Those little balls on the bottom of the milk tea are called boba or Tapioca balls balls. :D Places have been springing up all over Southern California for years now. I love the mini ones. Yum. Above is my partially full drink from Lollicup. On the bottom it states, "Please drink slowly to avoid choking ...!" Yikes I just looked up the nutritional value and it's 440 calories for 16 fluid oz of boba milk tea. Wah I cry inside.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Graduation Day!

(Look there is a little ant pooh crawling on the flowers!)
(A gift for WHOOOO - my brother)

I just wanted to say congratulations to my little brother for getting his college degree. I was the proud happy older sister. Mr. Budding Cook and I took the day off to celebrate. We attended the cermony, ate seafood for lunch, painted with oils, ate some baguettes for dinner, drank some boba and mango smooties and played good old pac man. Little mushroom meadows (my little sister) said it felt like the nice hot summer days we used to have 10 years ago. It did. was fun.