Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner Mash

Recipe: Dinner Mash
1 can of salmon
1 can of black beans
handful of sweet corn
5 red potatoes
2 carrots
2 eggs
red pepper paste

I wanted to try to make a patty of some sorts but I didn't have bread crumbs. So I baked some potatoes and carrots in my little red pot in the oven for 450 degrees for 40 minutes. I mashed all the ingredients. Then mixed in some eggs as a glue. I tried to pan fry them. I probably didn't add enough oil. It didn't seem to come together. So I just threw it onto some rice and wah lah dinner. I thought it tasted like food. :d

Asked Mr. Budding cook: "How do you like it?"
His reply: "It's ok."
Me: "It's ok that means you don't like it! Wah."
Mr. Budding cook: "I don't like the consistency. It's too dry on rice."
Me: "Wah that means you don't like it."
Mr. Budding cook: "You could add that red sauce."
Me: "Red pepper paste? If I add it you'll have to eat it."
Mr. Budding cook: "Ok."
Me: "I was thinking maybe a tomato paste of some sorts?"
Mr. Budding cook: "The red pepper paste makes everything taste good. And it could be like spicy tuna."

So I added the red pepper paste. It made the dish taste like.... red pepper paste. You could no longer taste the potatoes, corn or anything. :( I packed some up for lunch. I'll see how it will taste tomorrow w/ a reheat. Budding cook mishap #85.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My food addiction

What's your food addition? The food that once you start eating you just can't stop. My food addition is cheez its!!! White cheddar, hot tabasco, regular, parmesan. Ahhhhh....There was a sale where if you buy 25 bucks worth a specific brand you get two movie tickets and guess what we bought? And guess what I've been eating for the past couple of weeks? I think I will try to go cold turkey and ween myself off this bad habit. :D

But if I were lost on a desserted island ....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bunny Creates


Bunny Creates

I created a new blog for my little creations. :)

I still will be cooking of course...

-the little budding cook