Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Budding Bunny...


Update: I told Mr. Budding cook about my blog posting and he told me that he wants me to cook again.. :) So I will soon enough. I'll start next week. :D

Can you tell that I haven't cooked in a very long time? I haven't. Mr. Budding Bunny got a new job and he doesn't bring food anymore. I attempted to cook a few weeks ago but the bok choy rotted and the cabbage went to waste. So I haven't been cooking. Not sure where life will take me but I didn't want to give up on my blog and I hope you don't give up on me. :) I'll still post up my adventures travelling, food when I can, craft making and maybe .... a poem. Inspired by the movie Once, I picked up my guitar again and started writing poetry. It's a past time of mine that I sort of got too busy for...


the lines around your eyes.
don't make you any wiser.
you are the same person
as you were before...

full of whys
and sad

you say that you are different
that you have changed
but your actions show
a whole lot more...

the lines around your eyes.
don't make you any wiser.
you are the same person
as you were before...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stamp Making: Bunnies

I caught the stamp making bug from my little sister shrooms

Monday, January 14, 2008

Trip Report: Tokyo

Trip Report: Tokyo

Some more details for a tigerfish and everyone... :) Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

Food -
The food was so good. I could definitely eat it all day. We ate udon noodles, katsudon, soba, sushi, curry rice, sushi bowls w/ rice, miso soup, snacks, mochi balls, gyzoa buns and more. :) Everything we ate there was quite delicious. We only had one bad experience at a fast food curry place. Besides that we usually chose the traditional style looking food places near our hotel (Shiba Park Hotel). My favorite dish perhaps was a pork don. Pork, mayo and egg. Yumms...

Drink -
We were in awe of their vending machines. Everyday we were there we would run up to them and choose different types of drinks (Super H20, tea, yogurt drinks). They ranged from about from 80 cents and up. When my husband and brother stumbled on the 100 yen store and the drinks there we stocked up but we still couldn't resist the white little vending machines w/ their drink displays.

I enjoyed walking up and down the streets, people watching, riding the subways. Just walking.. It feels nice to just walk and not have to worry about exercising every day in an ugly old stinky gym. Below is a picture of the subway at Disney. :D

We used this book to get around:

Tokyo City Atlas Mr. Budding cook loved it because it told you which subway exits to go to etc.

Money -
The best tip is to get travellers cheques they have a better exchange rate than cash. Also capital one doesn't charge! So we used our capital one credit card when we could. However as I have read and it is the case there - most places only accept cash (yen).

Hotel -
Shiba Park Hotel - We stayed here for 5 nights. It was a decent hotel w/ nicely sized rooms. The best part was it was near three subway stations and and we enjoyed the food near there.

People -
The people are all so neat and clean and repectful and helfpul. I only saw one person wear sweats the whole time. I loved looking at them especially at Tokyo Disney Sea where all the girls dressed up in little peacoats, tights and boots. So adorable w/ their cool styles. :D

Shopping -

I got a tip from Glida's guide to Tokyo to shop at Ueno for gifts.

So we found a grocery there with very cheap cheap food! We totally stocked up. We bought candy, treats and loads of rice crackers. The 100 yen stores also have cheap cheap food and treats but this place in Ueno was even cheaper! Here is a sampling of what I bought below. We stopped by harajuku to find a nodding doll for mushroom meadows . I thought most of the stuff there looked more upper scale so we didn't shop too long. We also went to Odabia and they have many malls. I bought two shirts from Honey in Decks for only 10 bucks a piece. :D I'm a bargain shopper. I wish I had more time to shop shop shop. But we did our fair share of shopping. I noticed toys (electronic ones) were cheapest in Akihabara. We bought four toys from SoftMap.

More Travel Guides and cool sites:
We bought the following travel guides.
Frommers: Tokyo

Lonely Planet - Tokyo/

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