Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recipe: Peppered Gio Lua Sandwich

Recipe: Peppered Gio Lua Sandwich


Pepper, White bread and Gio Lua.


Lay out a piece of white bread. Cut the gio lua into thin slices. Place on top of the bread and pepper it to taste. Top with another piece of bread. Gio Lua is a vietnamese ham. My grandma made this gio lua. It's delicious. You can also find this at an asian market. I saw some this weekend. It is in the fridgerated aisle. It's wrapped in banana leaves and then foil. I saw some next to the rice noodles. :D This is the way my mom would pack my dad's lunches for work. I like to smash the bread together a bit. :) Yummy.

p.s. My pictures aren't very nice. Sorry I made the sandwiches and snapped some pictures really quickly before rushing off to work.


tigerfish said...

Ham and bread sandwich has been my lunch for so so many years, and still is. :p
Simple but quite satisfying, I would say.

simcooks said...

Gio Lua looks like luncheon meat.

Suanne said...

I love Vietnamese Ham. We know of only one place where we can buy them in Vancouver. That is a 30 minutes drive away. They costs $3 each. Do you happen to have the recipe to make it at home?

Melting Wok said...

wow, that meatloaf looks really good. The ones I see at the market tends to be really white and doesn't look appetizing at all, nice, any left ? no pete ? *grins*

BuddingCook said...

tiger - yes it's very satisfying.

sim - very similar probably. in that it's pork.

suanne - i will ask my grandma this weekend. :)

melting wok - thanks. my mother in law says this is the best vietnamese ham she has had as well. nope no pate. hehe

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