Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meme: 5 things Most people don't know about me

I've never been tagged before :). I was tagged by TigerFish.

1. It's my birthday today.
2. My favorite animal? The bunny. Could you guess? :) There is a little bunny that comes every night to our yard and eats carrots we throw out.
3. On the note of TigerFish being a prankster, my older sister and I created little candy like shapes in different colors and passed it out to friends in elementary school. Little did they know it was actually "Play DOH!" haha. We were nice because we stopped them before they ate it. When I was making this dish, it reminded me of the incident. :)
4. I hate to admit but I watched Top Chef after Rasa Malaysia told me about it. My favorite character was Sam. :) She said she liked Marcel. :D
5. My husband loves rollercoasters and I tag (pun intended) along. :) So we've ridden this back to back like 13 times in one day. :D
I'll tag:
Mushroom Meadows
TT from Playing with My Food
Suanne and Ben from ChowTimes
Rasa Malyasia
Ruth from My little cyberspot

You are it! :D


The TriniGourmet said...

i've been tagged yay! :D

happy bday! :D

Mallika said...

Happy Birthday budding cook! Here´s to more recipes and food fun...

sue said...

What a timing!
Happy Birthday, Budding Cook!!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Happy Birthday!

Rasa Malaysia said...

OMG, happy birthday T. We will celebrate it ala E's style on Tuesday. I will be at 90210 on Monday.

Again, Happy Birthday!

tigerfish said...

Happy Birthday!
Stay happy :D
I used to keep bunnies/rabbits too, when I was young.

simcooks said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet Sixteen!

Ben said...

Hi BuddingCook: Check out my meme ... thanks for the invite.

BuddingCook said...

thank-you all for the well wishes,

trini- you are it!

mallika - thank-you. thanks for visiting.

sue- :D thanks.

wandering - yah. one more year older.

rasa thanks for lunch :D

tiger - yeah our bunnies are wild. the little cottontails.

sim - you are too sweet. i only wish.

ben-thanks for participating. :)

Melting Wok said...

hey budding, happy belated birthday :)) Many happy sweet returns, ya? *hugs* oh boy, I had no longer had any courage for 6 flags or any roller coaster for that matter, kudos to u :)

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