Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chipotle Chicken, Spanish Rice and Jalapeno Beans

Chipotle Chicken
I sliced two chicken breasts and marinated them for a hour in Lawrys Baja Chipotle sauce. Then I sliced one yellow onion and sauteed the slices until they were soft. Finally, I placed the chicken into the pan turning each piece over once it looked done. (i.e. looked white and firm)

Spanish Rice
For the spanish rice, I got the recipe from Elise's simple recipes. I put too much chicken broth which made the rice a little mushy but it still tasted good. I also got the enchilada recipe from Elise's site. Simple is key. :)

Jalapeno Beans
The beans were from a can - Rosarito's Spicy Jalapeno Beans. I like this flavor of beans. They taste like the expensive frito lay bean chip dip to me. Yummy.


The ChinkShrink said...

looks really good. wow, ur quite a cook! now how do u post pics on your blog?

The ChinkShrink said...

thx for the info on posting pics. isn't there a way to just upload an image off my computer? also, how do add blog favorites so i can just click and see frequently viewed blogs (like yours)?


The ChinkShrink said...

couldn't figure it out. if u wouldn't mind, can u add ur blog as a fave onto my blogpage for me? i'll email ya my password. thx.