Friday, May 20, 2005


I've made enchiladas twice before. They have turned out beautifully. Hubbister had wanted to try flour torillas so I subsituted corn for flour. For mexican cheese I tried american. For shredded cheese I cut large chunks (I don't have a grater). The end result made my hubbister want to pukester. After I made them I noticed they smelled like something I hated when I was young. My siblings and I tried to make pizzas in our younger years by using a slice of american cheese singles on a piece of white bread with a spread of tomato paste. It didn't taste too good and I guess neither these enchilughads. I'll have to try it again one day using the correct ingridents but I need to wait until the hubbister recovers from the trauma. He ate a lot just cause he felt bad which made him feel worse. He's sweet. I brought some to work today. I added some ground turkey. I'll see how that turns out.


BunnyFatoon said...

I feel gross. At first the ground turkey tasted pretty good w/ it. Then I mixed the beans, turkey and the enchiladas together into a mush .. Too cheesy..I'll throw the half in the fridge away.

The ChinkShrink said...

the pic looks good. :)

james said...

Haha, flour tortillas and american cheese! Only he could think of something like that. Too much taco bell! But good job for experimenting. I need to do that more when I cook.