Friday, February 23, 2007

Recipe: Wonton Pineapple Coconut Dessert

I tried really hard to recreate the delicious looking treats from Melting Wok's No bake macaroon recipe. I however was unsuccessful. My little treats fell apart. :( I think I didn't leave the pineapple on the heat long enough? Perhaps it didn't form into a paste? Melting? :D Not sure but this is my first time cutting a pineapple and didn't want it to go to waste! Plus I tasted the mix of coconut and sweet pineapple and it was so refreshing! So instead my little brilliant red brain thought to place the mixture into the wonton cups.

Recipe: Wonton Pineapple Coconut Dessert
1 fresh pineapple
1/2 bag of shredded coconut
1 bag of trail mix
1 bag of large wontons


The wonton cups were made the same way as my as my little dynamite wontons . Cut large wonton sheet into smaller rectangles. Pinch the two ends and place into mini muffin pan creating a pinwheel type shape. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

Place the trail mix into a sandwich bag and use a mallet or in my case a meat tenderizer and crush the nuts. Cut pineapple and place into blender. Put pineapple into a pan on low heat until the pineapple forms a syrup like paste. Mix coconut, pineapple and crushed nuts together. Refrigerate mixture before eating. When the mixture is cool enough and it's time to eat, spoon the mixture into baked wonton cups.


Melting Wok said...

budding, good job :) those tiny lil' finger foods looks very appetizing :) oo..yes, when u blend/puree the pineapples, it'll get watery, so, you've to cook on low heat until it thickens and forms a paste-like texture. Then, let it completely cool down, preferably refrigerate until it kind hardens before you start balling around. Nevertheless, these looks good in the wonton cups :)

tigerfish said...

looks good and crunchy on the outside, creamy inside. :D

BuddingCook said...

melting - i will try it do it again maybe next time. yah, it was too watery, i don't think i let it harden. next time...thanks for the great idea.