Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recipe: Onion Wonton Envelopes

Recipe: Onion Wonton Envelopes


Oil for deep frying
Wonton wrappers
2-3 Onions
1 egg for sealing


Chop the onions by cutting ends then slicing the onion in half. Place the cut side on the board and slice. Take a wonton wrapper lay it out, place the onions in the middle. Fold the ends up creating an envelope and seal it with a kiss (no seal it with some egg wash) where the onions are fully enclosed. Deep fry the envelopes until they are golden brown.

We had extra wonton wrappers laying around and I was scouring the kitchen for some ingredients. Avocado I thought? hmm.. okay maybe not. I found an onion. The recipe I made yielded only about 10 wontons. So if you are using a full package I'd recommend maybe 2-3 onions. I like onion rings! Similar I think but w/ a twist. My baby cousins helped me wrap up these cute little envelopes. It was fun and yums to eat.


mushroommeadows said...

haha. not bad. ;)

Rasa Malaysia said...

This is very creative...you are getting better, Budding Cook. :)

tigerfish said...

Better than onion rings, more crunch and crisp with those wonton skins :)

WokandSpoon said...

Good way of using left overs.
Did you add any seasoning (salt/pepper) to the onions?

Yuzu said...

Sounds yummy! I wonder how it would taste with sweet onions...

BuddingCook said...

mushroom- :D
rasa - :) hehe thank-you
tiger- yes it was very tasty.
wokandspoon - you know what? i should have. :D hehe
yuzu- i think it would taste yummy too!

Shilpa. said...

heh heh, looks easy except for the deep-frying part! :) I'm so lazy to clean up the stove after deep-frying anything!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hey, now that you're experimenting and achieving yummy results, you'll turn from budding cook to full-fledged cook. ;)