Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Riddle: What is this? Part 1

my first attempt, good but not perfect too crispy, it almost almost tasted like it but no no it's not IT

Question: Have you made this? Has your mouth been able to bite into this? Your nose been able to sniff in it's goodness? Has your stomach been warmed by it? Have your eyes lightened up when you've seen it? Have your thoughts been drawn to it?

The Riddle: This is something that I've been craving, drooling over and dying to make ever since my husband's grandparents made it. It's round, pan fried and oh so delicious. When you eat it, chives (green onions) and pork ooze out. It taste best when hot. The middle is soft and the outside is crispy but not too crispy. It's of Chinese descent. You can eat 2-3 of them. Or if you are like my husband - 5. It is soft. It is yummy. It fits perfectly in my tummy. What is it?

The Answer:
I want to reveal the recipe when I've perfected it. :) So to be continued...

Please tell me what you think this is? Or if you have a recipe, make me some on your blog hehe. My quest for perfection continues. :D


simcooks said...

Er... pan fried chives and pork pancake? :D

tigerfish said...

I would guess chives/scallion pancake too (if translated to chinese, the pancake actually is "biscuit?)
Beef/scallion pancake ?
How come you become like RM, make people wait and wait eagerly for recipe...;p
but u've got the right want perfection! YAY!

That buddingcook is so cute, and filled with lotsa love :p

mushroommeadows said...

haha. I don't think I've ever had it, but it sounds tasty. Anyway, I like your little bunny slide show. It's too cute! :) Did you make it yourself? Of course you did.

Rasa Malaysia said...

It's pan-fried leftover bagel!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Reminds me of a pupusa.

At first I thought it was a scallion pancake until you mentioned the pork.

Anonymous said...

is it called xien bing? Like the chinese "hamburger"?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Budding Cook, for the bean sauce, I found out the brand, it's a Chinese brand called "Khoon Chun" one side of the label with yellow and red label and the other side with English Word "Bean Sauce." Good luck!

BuddingCook said...

thank-you all for participating in the riddle.

sim - ploink nope but close. wrong answer, please try again. :)

tigerfish - blop sorry better luck next time. :)

mushroom - thanks.. i love your mushroom pic.

rasa - beep not a bagel. :)

wandering - i looked up pupusa and it does look similar. :) boink sorry you are not the winner.

anonymous - hi welcome to my site. but it's not a hamburger. yums though. how do you make xien bing?